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Fighting cancer is hard no matter what, but that fight can be even harder when you have to travel to a major city for care. That’s why RCCA has brought the latest in treatment for cancer and blood disorders to your community, where our oncology and hematology specialists know and practice alongside your other doctors, and take the time needed to know you, to develop a highly individualized treatment plan for you, and to address all your questions and concerns.

With 20+ locations throughout New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, and the Washington, DC area, our cancer and blood disorder specialists offer world-class care close to home, so that you can focus on the most important thing in the world – your health.

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        Expert Care

        Our 80+ cancer and blood disorder specialists have deep expertise and long experience in treating every type of cancer and blood disorder, from the common to the rare, and including both solid tumors and blood-based malignancies.

        Our Commitment to Transforming

        At RCCA, we don’t treat diagnoses or conditions, we treat people. And everyone at an RCCA care center – from our board-certified medical oncologists/hematologists and expert nurses to our lab technicians and receptionists — treats our patients and their families the way we would want to be treated if we were facing cancer or a blood disorder.

        That’s our commitment to you — and that’s why more than 250,000 people each year trust us to provide transformative care that transforms their lives for the better.

        Valerie Freeman, NJ Resident

        “They didn’t make me feel like a patient. They knew me – Val. They knew my likes and dislikes. When I go for follow-up visits, I still get a sick feeling in my stomach when I’m outside the center, because it brings back memories of everything I had to go through, but that goes away the minute I’m inside and seeing all the people who know me and took care of me.”

        NEWS FEED

        Two RCCA Oncologists Explain When and Why Cancer Patients Should Obtain a Second Opinion

        To paraphrase the old saying about making a first impression, people facing cancer never get a second chance to choose their first therapy. They do, however, always have an opportunity to obtain a second opinion, regardless of whether that consultation concerns their diagnosis, the critically important choice of an initial treatment, the best approach to take if cancer progresses, or any other aspect of their care

        RESOLVE to Make Cancer Screening a Priority

        For 2022, let’s resolve to stay active with cancer screenings! According to the American Cancer Society more than 1.9 million Americans are expected to be diagnosed with cancer. The best way to protect ourselves from poor outcomes is detection in early stages when cancer can be cured.