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Cutting-edge therapies, sophisticated diagnostics, and clinical trials at a convenient location near you.

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RCCA’s expert oncologists and hematologists provide cutting-edge, comprehensive, and compassionate care in centers close to you.

You will receive the latest diagnostics and treatments, as well as access to clinical trials right here in your own community. And we coordinate closely with your other doctors to ensure that you’re receiving optimal, whole-person care.

World-Class Care Close to Home in NJ, CT, MD, and the Washington, D.C., Area

No matter the type of cancer or blood disorder, diagnosed patients can find state-of-the-art treatment options at Regional Cancer Care Associates (RCCA). Specializing in all aspects of oncology and hematology, we are one of the largest networks of cancer care physicians in the United States, meaning our patients have access to innovative therapies, clinical trials, sophisticated diagnostics, second opinions, and so much more.

Regional Cancer Care Associates has convenient locations in New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, and the Washington, D.C., area. At each location, patients can expect personalized attention as oncologists collaborate to formulate the most appropriate course of treatment. Every case is different, and our expert team will determine the best options for any cancer type, from lung cancer and sarcoma to leukemia and lymphoma.

Whether you’re in the later stages of the disease or were recently diagnosed, Regional Cancer Care Associates, with over 20 locations, has the expertise, technology, and knowledge of the latest medical advances to give you the best chance for the most positive outcome possible. Learn more about becoming a patient of Regional Cancer Care Associates today.

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        Expert Care From a Compassionate Team of Specialists

        Regional Cancer Care Associates boasts 90+ cancer and blood disorder specialists with extensive experience treating every type of cancer and blood disorder, from common to rare diseases and from solid tumors to blood-based malignancies and benign hematologic conditions.

        Transforming the Treatment of Cancer and Blood Disorders

        Regional Cancer Care Associates treats people — not diagnoses or conditions. All team members, from our board-certified medical oncologists and hematologists to experienced nurses to lab technicians and office staff, treat patients and their families as they would their own family members facing cancer or a blood disorder. This commitment is why more than 250,000 individuals trust Regional Cancer Care Associates for transformative care that not only treats conditions but improves lives.

        Valerie Freeman, NJ Resident

        “They didn’t make me feel like a patient. They knew me – Val. They knew my likes and dislikes. When I go for follow-up visits, I still get a sick feeling in my stomach when I’m outside the center, because it brings back memories of everything I had to go through, but that goes away the minute I’m inside and seeing all the people who know me and took care of me.”

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