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Cancer Treatments in New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, and the Washington, DC area

We offer a wide range of cancer treatments and related services for patients in New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, and the Washington, DC area. Contact Regional Cancer Care Associates for more information.

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Cancer Treatments

At RCCA, we provide state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques and advanced therapies to monitor and treat your cancer. We also understand that cancer care goes beyond tests, drugs and procedures. Along each step of your journey, we focus on all aspects of your wellbeing by offering educational resources, supportive services, and financial advocacy


You’ve got a diagnosis. What now? We can walk you through your next steps, including getting any additional tests, figuring out your health insurance, collecting information about your health history, and scheduling an appointment. With RCCA, you’re never alone in dealing with your cancer.


Different types of cancer are completely different diseases. Each cancer type comes with its own set of symptoms, diagnostic tests, and treatment plans. Learn more about the various types of cancer and their defining characteristics. Arming yourself with knowledge is a good first step in your fight against cancer.


RCCA offers a variety of innovative therapies, including immunotherapy and targeted therapy, along with chemotherapy, other long-established treatments and access to clinical trials. From genetic testing to the latest imaging modalities, our expert care teams will fully assess your condition and overall health to develop and deliver a highly individualized treatment strategy.


When standard cancer treatments aren’t providing the results you want, clinical trials may offer hope. Our physicians are actively involved with hundreds of clinical trials to study new treatments, helping transform cancer care for the better. You can enroll in a clinical trial to try groundbreaking treatment plans at zero cost to you.

Cancer Care Support

In addition to treating the body, RCCA offers services that help care for your mental, emotional, and practical needs. From counseling services and transportation assistance to wigs and nutrition guidance, RCCA offers robust support as you navigate cancer treatments.

Side Effects Management

Cancer therapies can cause side effects. Managing these side effects effectively is an important part of cancer treatment. RCCA’s integrative care teams are there to manage side effects and provide solutions for common problems like fatigue, pain, nausea, and anxiety. Relieving treatment side effects is key to your quality of life during cancer treatment.

Financial Advocacy

Many people have financial concerns after receiving a cancer diagnosis. We can work alongside you to help you learn more about your insurance coverage and payment options. We can also put you in touch with different community groups or organizations that provide financial aid and help you manage the cost of care.

Patient &

Caregiver Education

Information is power, especially when it comes to fighting cancer and living well. Having up-to-date information about your cancer and its treatments can help you better understand how to defeat cancer. At RCCA, we provide educational resources for patients and their caregivers to aid in learning about cancer and making treatment decisions.

Contact RCCA Now

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call (844) 346-7222. You can also schedule an appointment by calling the RCCA location nearest you.

Regional Cancer Care Associates is one of fewer than 200 medical practices in the country selected to participate in the Oncology Care Model (OCM); a recent Medicare initiative aimed at improving care coordination and access to and quality of care for Medicare beneficiaries undergoing chemotherapy treatment.