Patient Information Services in CT, MD, and NJ

We provide valuable information and resources for patients with cancer in CT, MD, and NJ. Learn more about patient information from Regional Cancer Care Associates.

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Regional Cancer Care Associates wants to provide our patients with reliable information and advanced treatments to help them reach their best possible state of health. With over 25 locations throughout CT, MD, and NJ, our team is here to help you through every part of your cancer journey, from providing helpful patient information and resources to using cutting-edge treatments. Learn more about how we can guide you through your journey with our valuable patient information services

Patient Advocacy

A cancer diagnosis and treatment can prompt questions, fears, and emotions, but Regional Cancer Care Associates is committed to providing all patients and caregivers with access to high-quality cancer care, education, and resources to help them through it.

Oncology Medical Home

Our oncology department follows the Oncology Medical Home (OMH) model, which stresses a patient-centered model of treatment with extensive care coordination, adherence to precise performance standards, and a shared objective of fighting cancer.

Cancer Care Support

We know how challenging battling cancer can be, and that’s why we provide strong circles of support for our patients that are filled with guidance, assistance, counseling, information, and more.

COVID-19 and Other Information

The health and well-being of our patients and staff are our top priority at Regional Cancer Care Associates. We’ve instituted necessary steps to ensure a safe environment for cancer care and reduce our patients’ risk of exposure to COVID-19, including infection-control procedures and telemedicine services.

Getting Started

Regional Cancer Care Associates aims to support our patients on every step of their journey with cancer, including getting diagnosed and getting started. Our staff works hard to advocate and educate our patients and their families.

Second Opinions

You may already have an oncologist, but if you’re looking for a second opinion and more treatment alternatives, Regional Cancer Care Associates’ experienced cancer doctors will gladly offer you a second opinion. We’ll look over your test results, talk about your specific needs, and provide educated recommendations.

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Regional Cancer Care Associates is one of fewer than 200 medical practices in the country selected to participate in the Oncology Care Model (OCM); a recent Medicare initiative aimed at improving care coordination and access to and quality of care for Medicare beneficiaries undergoing chemotherapy treatment.