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Realities of Living with Breast Cancer

A breast cancer diagnosis can leave you feeling a whirlwind of emotions, from confusion to fear. You might wonder what your treatment options are, whether your cancer will be cured and how your life will be affected by the disease in the long run. At Regional Cancer Care Associates, we’re here for you every step of the way, from the initial diagnosis, through treatment, and alongside you toward recovery.

Handling a New Reality

Breast cancer doesn’t have to stop you from living a happy, fulfilling life – but it alters the reality you’re living in, and it might take a little while to cope. After your diagnosis, and depending on your stage of cancer, you’ll begin undergoing different treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy and targeted therapy. You might also have to go through surgery to get the cancer cells removed directly. One of the unfortunate results from breast surgery is that you could potentially lose the shape of one or both of your breasts. In many cases, however, RCCA surgeons can perform restorative surgery to return your body to its original physical appearance.

After your treatments and surgeries, you might begin to experience a range of side effects. The most common aftereffects include pain, fatigue, firmness or shrinkage of the breast, nausea and hair loss. Lymphedema is an adverse side effect you may experience if you receive radiation therapy to the lymph nodes in your underarm, which can cause your underarms to swell.

Though the treatments and side effects can prevent patients from taking part in everyday activities, it is also quite common for patients to go about their daily lives while receiving treatments for their breast cancer.

Leaning on RCCA

As you fight to beat breast cancer, rest assured that you and your family will be taken care of. Our caring physicians and staff are always available to discuss your needs and connect you with the resources to help you meet them. We can help you find specific products, from wigs to mastectomy bras, as well as the organizations that can provide the assistance and support you need, like support groups, psychological and nutrition counseling, transportation assistance and more.

we are here for you

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