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Is Curative Surgery a Feasible Option for Colon Cancer?

When it comes to colon cancer, there are several different treatment options available. Depending on each case, treatment may include chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, or, in most cases, a combination of the three. Curative surgery is a common available treatment, and it can be defined as a localized procedure in which doctors attempt to remove all malignant cells from the body.

Since treatment options always vary on a case-by-case basis, it’s important to talk to your doctor about curative colon cancer surgery by contacting your local Regional Cancer Care Associates office today.

When Curative Surgery is Most Effective

Under the right circumstances, curative surgery can be quite effective. It may be done via a polypectomy, open colectomy or laparoscopic-assisted colectomy. However, it is not guaranteed that all of the cancerous cells will be removed or that the cancer won’t come back.

Doctors typically only recommend curative surgery for patients with stage 0 or stage 1 colon cancer. In these stages, there may be cancerous polyps present, but the cancerous cells have not grown deep into the colon walls nor spread outside of the colon. By removing these polyps early on, doctors have a better chance of successfully eliminating the cancer.

After curative surgery is performed, follow-up care is very important. It gives doctors the chance to monitor how your body is healing and to make sure the procedure was successful.

When Curative Surgery Is Not as Effective

When curative surgery is performed at later stages, it is usually done in combination with chemotherapy or radiation. At this time, it may also be necessary to remove part or all of the patient’s colon (a colectomy) along with the nearby lymph nodes. If the colon cancer has spread to other parts of the body, however, removing the colon will not have an effect on those metastasized cells.

Additionally, depending on the patient’s overall health, age and the type of tumor they have, doctors may find that curative surgery is not a safe or feasible choice. Research also suggests that curative surgery tends to be less successful if the lesions are obstructing, or blocking, the patient’s colon (Diseases of the Colon & Rectum).

Learn More About Colon Cancer Surgery

For some colon cancer patients, curative surgery can be a safe, successful option that allows them to return to their normal, healthy life. To learn more about colon cancer treatment options, contact the nearest RCCA office in Maryland, New Jersey or Connecticut to find out if curative surgery could be right for you.

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