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Are You Getting the Right Palliative Care?

Palliative care services are designed to help make living with cancer more comfortable. Whether it’s managing your pain level after a surgery or arranging financial assistance, palliative care can have a major impact on your experience as a patient with cancer. Unfortunately, not all patients receive the type of palliative care they need, and their quality of life can suffer as a result. Here, the team at RCCA provides guidance on how to tell if you’re getting the right palliative care for your health and comfort needs.

Are Your Symptoms Being Managed?

Between the cancer itself and the side effects of treatment, patients may have to deal with any number of unpleasant symptoms. If you’re in extreme pain or having difficulty performing basic functions, like breathing, sleeping and eating, you might not be receiving the right kind of care. At RCCA, our staff is dedicated to making sure every patient feels as comfortable as possible. Don’t hesitate to voice your concerns and symptoms at any point over the course of your cancer care, so that staff can provide the appropriate support and bring you the relief you deserve.

How Is Your Emotional State?

Cancer takes a toll on a person in more ways than one. Many patients struggle with anxiety and fear over what’s to come or what the next scan might reveal. Others feel confused or even depressed.  However, your mental and emotional health are just as important as your physical well-being. The palliative care team at RCCA can connect you with counseling services, support groups and other resources to help you cope through this difficult time. We believe that nobody should have to go through cancer alone.

How’s Your Life Outside of Treatment?

In addition to providing healthcare, a good palliative care team should also be there to support you through practical tasks and help organize external affairs. Undergoing treatment can drastically disrupt your personal life, including your job and finances. Dealing with those issues is often difficult and confusing, but palliative care can reduce stress and help you find clarity.

RCCA Cares

If you’re uncomfortable for any reason and find that your needs are continuously not being met, let RCCA help. You deserve to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest, regardless of the status of your health.

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