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Steeplechase Cancer Center, 30 Rehill Ave, Ste 2500
Somerville NJ 08876
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Reliable Cancer Treatments in Somerville, NJ

Regional Cancer Care Associates in Somerville, NJ offers advanced treatment options and whole-person cancer care, all within a convenient commute for patients and caregivers in the Somerville area. Our in-house pharmacy, advanced diagnostic testing equipment and integrative care therapies help provide the tools you need to win your fight against cancer. Our experienced staff of professional oncologists and physicians work closely with you and your support team to establish the most effective treatment plan, making a careful study of your symptoms and medical history. We also offer cancer care support and financial advocacy, to make your road to recovery easier.

Our procedures and services include:

You may also consider enrolling in one of our regularly conducted clinical trials, in which we test the effectiveness of new medical diagnostic and treatment technologies. These trials depend on consenting volunteers, who are fully informed beforehand of the trial’s possible risks and benefits. Your health and safety will be paramount to the process, with strict regulations in place to ensure your wellbeing.

Enjoy Accessible Cancer Care

Regional Cancer Care Associates is located just off Interstate 287 at Steeplechase Cancer Center, 30 Rehill Avenue, Suite 2500 in Somerville, NJ 08876. We have an on-call physician available for after hours, and our website offers a convenient patient portal where you can keep track of your blood work and treatment regime. Call us today at (732) 390-7750 to schedule a consultation.