Is Immunotherapy Worth the Risk?

After being diagnosed with cancer, your doctor may suggest immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is an evolving treatment method that’s proven effective for many types of cancer. It harnesses the power of the body’s own natural immune system to fight back against cancerous cells. As treatment planning gets underway, talk to your RCCA care team about potential risks … Continued

A Healthy Diet for Radiation Therapy

As one of the most common cancer treatment options, radiation therapy is used to shrink tumors and stop the growth of cancerous cells. Similar to other treatment solutions, radiation therapy can make individuals with cancer become fatigued or disinterested in eating, among other side-effects. That’s why it’s important to maintain a healthy diet during radiation … Continued

The Effectiveness of Immunotherapy Types

In RCCA offices all throughout New Jersey, Maryland and Connecticut, doctors are using immunotherapy to treat patients with cancer. In many cases, immunotherapy is opening the door for more treatment possibilities beyond chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. Because there are many different types of immunotherapies available today, it can be an effective way to combat a … Continued

Weighing the Consequences of Radiation Therapy

At RCCA, radiation therapy is one of the most common methods of treating cancer. It employs high-energy waves to target and kill cancer cells. While it can be very effective, it’s not right for every patient. Before you and your doctors make the decision to pursue radiation, take some time to understand the potential risks … Continued

A Guide to Active Cancer Surveillance

After a patient’s cancer is cured, they still need to continue seeing their doctor. Follow-up care is extremely important to make sure the patient is recovering well. Doctors also need to check for signs that the cancer might have come back. To learn more about active cancer surveillance, talk to your doctor at Regional Cancer … Continued

RCCA Nationally Recognized as a Leader in Patient Care

While there are many cancer clinics that claim to deliver excellent patient care and outcomes, only a few have been recognized for this success at the highest levels. At Regional Cancer Care Associates, locations in Central Jersey and Sparta, NJ have been awarded elite QOPI certification. QOPI, which stands for the Quality Oncology Practice Initiative, … Continued

What Happens When Surgery Fails

For many types of cancer, surgery is one of the main forms of treatment. Doctors hope to go in and remove the tumor from your body. But, surgery doesn’t always go as planned. If you still have cancer even after the operation, you and your doctors at RCCA can explore what the next step of … Continued

Signs That Cancer Runs in Your Family

Just like blue eyes and heart disease might run in your family, cancer can, too. However, only about 5- 10% of all cancers can be linked to family cancer syndromes. So, how do you tell if someone’s cancer is caused by genetics or not? Regional Cancer Care Associates (RCCA) shares some of the easiest ways … Continued

Benefits of Participating in a Clinical Trial

If you are currently receiving treatment for cancer, a clinical trial may benefit you in more ways than one. While there are always risks, just as there are with any form of treatment, cancer clinical trials offer you another chance to treat and cure the disease. If you’re interested in learning more, ask your doctor … Continued

What You Should Know Before Participating in a Cancer Clinical Trial

Deciding whether or not to participate in a cancer clinical trial is a major healthcare decision. If you qualify, and your doctors recommend it, it’s up to you to decide if it is the best course of action. Before agreeing to participate, talk it over with your RCCA doctors, the researchers and your family and … Continued