Regional Cancer Care Associates and CPAN to Provide Advocacy Network

Providing a personal, community-based approach to cancer care is an integral part of how Regional Cancer Care Associates treats its patients. So, it should come as no surprise that RCCA and Community Oncology Alliance (COA) Patient Advocacy Network (CPAN) have created a partnership that will lead to RCCA/CPAN chapters in New Jersey, Maryland and Connecticut. CPAN … Continued

Dongmei Wang Opens Expanded Oncology Practice in Rockville, MD.

Dr. Dongmei Wang has announced she is opening an RCCA medical oncology practice at 9715 Medical Center Drive, Suite 531, Rockville, Maryland, MD. This expanded practice will be staffed by trained medical professionals to provide patients with individualized chemotherapy infusion services. “Along with the many newer therapies that can help the patient with cancer, taking a … Continued

Healthcare Financial Management Association

Tammy Hopson, our Vice President of Human Resources was recently featured in the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), the nation’s premier membership organization for healthcare finance leaders, recent publication.

Progress in the Fight Against Leukemia: Therapeutic Advances Available Right Now – and Right Here in NJ: A Conversation with RCCA’s Dr. Seth Howard Berk

While innovative therapies have made slow improvements to leukemia incidence and death rates, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) projects there will be more than 62,000 new cases in 2017. Because of this, it’s important to seek the latest and most personalized care available when leukemia is diagnosed to obtain a successful outcome. Dr. Seth Howard … Continued

Ovarian Cancer – What We Know Today About Risk Factors and Early Detection: A Conversation with RCCA’s Dr. Kenneth D. Nahum

Ovarian cancer carries a specific set of risk factors, from environmental causes to hereditary traits, and the key to decreasing mortality rates is early detection. For example, half of all ovarian cancers occur in women older than 63 years of age, while women who have used oral contraceptives have a lower risk of developing epithelial ovarian … Continued

Testicular Cancer: Detection, Symptoms and Treatment

Dr. Charanjeev Kapoor of RCCA’s Connecticut Division Cancer that begins in the testicles is known as testicular cancer. According to Dr. Charanjeev Kapoor, an oncology specialist at Regional Cancer Care Associates (RCCA), the key to diagnosing and treating testicular cancer is patient awareness. Affecting only about 1 in every 263 men in the United States, testicular cancer … Continued

Lung Cancer Rates Increasing Among Non-Smokers

Dr. Joseph McLaughlin If you’ve never smoked or used tobacco, could you still be susceptible to lung cancer? The short answer is yes. According to the ACS, up to 20% of patients who die from lung cancer are non-smokers. Oncology specialist, Dr. Joseph McLaughlin – from the Regional Cancer Care Associates (RCCA) Manchester, Connecticut location … Continued

CAR T-Cell Therapy: New Hope for Remission in Leukemia

Gurpreet S. Lamba, MD   What are the main types of leukemia? How do they differ in terms of their effects, how they present and how they are treated? A. Leukemia is classified based on whether the malignancy originated from a lymphoid or myeloid white blood cell, and on how quickly the leukemia develops (i.e., … Continued