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Clinical Trials in New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

While there have been countless improvements in cancer prevention, treatment, and recovery, there is still work that needs to be done. Regional Cancer Center Associates (RCCA) is committed to these improvements, which is why we conduct over 300 groundbreaking clinical trials. Knowledge is power, and it’s important the individual weighs all their options before deciding on a clinical trial as well as a location for their treatment.

What is a Clinical Trial?

A clinical trial is a research study to help a patient while also benefitting the medical community as a whole. While new treatments are tested in labs or on animals, clinical trials compare the effectiveness of a new therapy for human patients against accepted treatments. All commonly accepted methods of treating cancer have previously undergone trials like this. The goal is to discover more effective treatments during the process while treating the individual with cutting-edge therapies. Clinical trials give cancer patients a broader range of treatment options.

What to Expect

When deciding to enroll in a clinical trial, a doctor will prepare an individualized plan, called a protocol, which explains what will happen during the trial. At RCAA, we work with local physicians and doctors to get a full medical history on our patients and create the most well-suited therapy for the individual. The protocol contains information on the purpose of the trial, the drugs involved, medical tests that will be performed, possible side effects, and the information collected about the people in the program. Having all of this information will help the patient feel involved and understand what they can expect, as well as how they are helping cancer research.


No clinical trial is guaranteed, which is why RCCA puts the patient’s health at the forefront, no matter the situation. With so many clinical trial success stories, we have the knowledge and experience to assure the highest quality care during the trial. With 29 locations in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Maryland, we couple innovative treatments with community-based, personalized care. We assure the best care possible with novel therapies and biomarker-driven research, meaning we determine the specific treatment that will work that particular patient.

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