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Local Cancer Treatment Centers in New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

Regional Cancer Care Associates (RCCA) has 29 locations across the New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. area for the patient's utmost convenience. While each site will have its own unique, supportive atmosphere, you are guaranteed top quality service from our expert doctors and nurses no matter where you live. With the facilities and staff to treat every type of cancer, RCCA is dedicated to personalized care to every individual who walks through our many doors.

Services Offered

At RCCA, we are specialists in hematology and oncology, but we treat all types of cancer at our top-notch facilities. Our groundbreaking clinical trials and comprehensive medical library attest to our commitment to cancer awareness, prevention, and treatment. Also, we know that cancer can be devastating to the patient as well as their families. That's why we provide access to non-medical services such as support groups, nutritional counseling, pastoral/spiritual support, and yoga.

A Committed Staff

We are proud of our staff, and their rigorous devotion to their community and patients. RCCA has more than 100 oncologists and 28 advanced practice nurses who are trained and equipped to treat any cancer. Also, over 100 hardworking registered nurses and another 750 invaluable staff members keep things running smoothly, so you get the efficient, quality service that you and your family deserve. We ensure that our doctors and staff receive the training and the necessary tools to provide you with quality treatment during your recovery.

Wide-Ranging Locations

With any serious, debilitating illness, it is important that the patient limits their travel and feels comfortable when receiving health services. RCCA accomplishes both of these missions by offering many convenient locations in New Jersey and Maryland. By working closely with local physicians and local hospitals, we assure convenience and coordinated care to any individual. RCCA provides intimate care, from preparation to cutting-edge equipment to recovery procedures.

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