Radiosurgery: Accurate, Precise and Easier on You

Radiosurgery, or radiation surgery, is not “surgery” in the traditional sense. Instead, this technology uses high-dose, precision-focused radiation beams to treat tumors in the brain, neck, lungs and other parts of the body. Its remarkable efficiency can be credited to its ability to target tumors from many different angles — “attacking” them with high doses of radiation with minimal impact on the surrounding healthy tissue.

Shorter treatment times and minimal side effects, too

Radiosurgery’s extreme accuracy, and the high doses of radation it dispenses, usually results in a much shorter treatment cycle compared to other therapies. Most radiosurgery treatments can be completed in one to five daily, successive sessions. Side effects are also minimal. Some swelling may occur, but generally tiredness is the only complaint. Many people maintain normal activities, such as working and driving, during their treatment period.

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