Terrill Jordan, President & CEO

Terrill Jordan is President and Chief Executive Officer at Regional Cancer Care Associates, positions he began serving on January 1, 2016. Under his leadership, RCCA is driving to become a national leader in high-quality, value-based community oncology care.

Andre Goy, MD, Chief Science Officer

As Chief Science Officer and Director of Research and Innovation, Dr. Andre Goy is responsible for developing strategies that will bring research and clinical trials to all RCCA locations. Under Dr. Goy’s leadership, patients in local communities throughout New Jersey will be able to access cutting-edge clinical trials focused on novel therapies and biomarker-driven research.

Peter D. Tate, Chief Financial Officer

Peter Tate is Chief Financial Officer at Regional Cancer Care Associates (RCCA). He is responsible for leading the organization’s financial management and financial operations, including operating and capital budgeting.

Alizah Diamond, Corporate Counsel

Alizah Diamond is Corporate Counsel–Commercial Contracts and Employment at Regional Cancer Care Associates (RCCA). She provides legal support to the management team on commercial contracts, employment/HR matters, business transactions, regulatory compliance, and other areas impacting RCCA’s clinical office and other commercial business lines.